Transmission to Lethe

Broadcast on all official channels.


Planet Lethe
Sedu’s Cradle Valley
Council Elder Olan
Spore Clan

O Venerable Olan and Honorable Lily, O Distinguished Tribes of Nymphaea, Scirpus, Demersum, Schreberi, Lacustrine

I am extremely concerned for your welfare and other Yazatas. Recently, IGNN released news stating a terrorist attack occurring upon Lethe. The news Middian is receiving is that Lethe, Asha and Keret have suffered casualties due to a derivative of the Creep virus. We just survived a Caedix virus outbreak here and I haven’t had time to recuperate to reconnect with Lethe. Please, for the love of Sedu, send me a transmission on our family and the condition of Lethe! I await any news.

May Sedu watch over us all,

Zoquea Ch’Olan
Planet Middian


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