Personal Journal Entry 1.24.159

I have paid off Legion's contract so I may join the CPL early. That cost me a good chunk of creds, all of them in fact. But it's worth it.
I now have access to every resource I require to reach my goals and I don't have to hide my intentions anymore. Colahn and the CPL are behind me in my endeavors. In my wake I will only create peace with the locals, find out more information than they could on their own, and provide them with resources they did not have initially. It's a win-win situation.
I still haven't heard from Kel. I don't know if I should tell him about my family. He probably doesn't need that kind of stress on the frontline, if he even gets my transmissions. I think I'll wait. I'll see how he feels about me first. He may not even care. If that is the case, he'll just be my superior officer and there is no reason for him to know.
I have many other possible contracts in the wings. Many possibilities for my future. My goal grows ever closer.

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