My Grief Declaration

I am Zoquea Latifolia Ch’Olan Ch’Lily Ch’Nuphar Ch’Brasenia Ch’Lemna Ch’Cerato Ch’Myrio Ch’Typha An’Nymphaea An’Scirpus An’Demersum An’Schreberi An’Lacustrine.

The Ch’ indicates I am a child of, the An’ indicates I am an ancestor of or part of that Tribe.

I am of the Spore Clan.

I have eight that have raised me. They are Olan An’Lacustrine, Lily An’Schreberi, Nuphar
An’Demersum, Brasenia An’Nymphaea, Lemna An’Scirpus, Cerato An’Lacustrine, Myrio An’Schreberi, Typha An’Nymphaea.

I have twenty one siblings.

I am Yazatas. My home is Lethe among the Ancients of Sedu's Cradle Valley, near the most sacred of all places - Sedu's Gate.

The Gate that was attacked by the creep virus, sent by the Sons of Sorrow.
Those Ancients for ten square miles are dead.
Typha An’Nymphaea, sister of Brasenia, my aunt is dead.
Brasenia An’Nymphaea, sister of Typha, my aunt is dead.
Myrio An’Schreberi, my mother Lily's brother, my uncle is dead.
Cerato An’Lacustrine, my father Olan's brother, my uncle is dead.
Olan An’Lacustrine, my father is dead as of two days ago, succumbing to the virus.

They will never root and become Ancients, will never hear Sedu, will never see Lethe or the universe again.

I am Zoquea Latifolia Ch’Olan Ch’Lily Ch’Nuphar Ch’Brasenia Ch’Lemna Ch’Cerato Ch’Myrio Ch’Typha An’Nymphaea An’Scirpus An’Demersum An’Schreberi An’Lacustrine. I carry their name always with grief.

Transmission from Doc Tubes 1.28.159

*** Begin Transmission ***

I have some news for you that was relayed to me by some of my contacts on Lethe.
While reports are still coming in, it seems that the virus is being beaten back.
Doctors have announced that the three family members that were suffering from minor infection have pulled through. Your mother has recovered with no lasting effects as well as one of the others. The third will be classified as disabled due to trauma to his spinal cord. He will still be able to function, but he will not be running any marathons in the future.
Unfortunately, the others were not so lucky. Your father and the other two that were severely infected passed away two days ago.
Your family members on Lethe already know.
I'm sorry...


*** End Transmission ***


Personal Journal Entry 1.24.159

I have paid off Legion's contract so I may join the CPL early. That cost me a good chunk of creds, all of them in fact. But it's worth it.
I now have access to every resource I require to reach my goals and I don't have to hide my intentions anymore. Colahn and the CPL are behind me in my endeavors. In my wake I will only create peace with the locals, find out more information than they could on their own, and provide them with resources they did not have initially. It's a win-win situation.
I still haven't heard from Kel. I don't know if I should tell him about my family. He probably doesn't need that kind of stress on the frontline, if he even gets my transmissions. I think I'll wait. I'll see how he feels about me first. He may not even care. If that is the case, he'll just be my superior officer and there is no reason for him to know.
I have many other possible contracts in the wings. Many possibilities for my future. My goal grows ever closer.


Transmission from Doc

*** Begin Transmission ***

Well I was one jump from Lethe when I finally heard word back from my contacts. I do not know if this will reach you before you leave Middian and head to the Vagabond, but if it does not, I can just relay the information to you there.
Anyway, my contacts tell me that the virus did not spread outside of about 30 miles away from ground zero (except for a few isolated cases). Being that was the case, they did not inquire about your family members that were farther than 50 miles away from Sedu's Gate.
As for inside this zone, it seems that your family maintains three households. Two of these households suffered no casualties and no infections. The final one is the mansion your family owns near the Gate.
Reports indicate that you had 12 family members that were currently calling this location home, three of which were not on Lethe at the time and one who was away on business.
Of the eight family members remaining: two are confirmed dead, three are suffering from extensive creep infection (your father is on this list), and the last three are being treated for minor infection (of which your mother is on this list). The doctors working on them refused to comment about their status, claiming that they would not want to raise undue alarm since this virus is still very much a mystery.
Well that is what I got, I hope it helps.

May Sedu guide us all.

Doc Tubes

*** End Transmission ***

Transmission Received Node 0301.445.b3E32-z

message break break ..... private transmission code CLASSIFIED ..... node 103.22.b372-z ..... FAIL!!! ….. message break break ….. node 765.55.c318-z ….. FAIL!!! ….. message break break ….. node 099.99.aa0101-A

*** Begin Transmission***

Ca...ou...ar m..

message break break ..... reroute node 0301.445.b3E32-z

Am I coming through now? Ugh, about damn time. I have been fighting with this relay for the better part of an hour. So how are you doing? It has been a while since last I had a sec to chat with ya. Oh yea... you have family near the Gate... so I guess you are not doing well.

Well I have not been back to Lethe since the attack, but I should be able to get a transmission through to some friends of mine still planetside. If I can not get a response in the next 12 hours, I will ask Duke Huron for some time off to see if I can make it through the blockade. Hell, I can force the gate open if they try to close it on me, and I seriously doubt they would arrest me since it may sour relations with the Imperium. Hopefully Sedu does not punish me for my arrogance.

Communications permitting, I will send you all the information I can discover about your family as soon as I receive it. If I can not get the transmission out, I will just tell you in person at the Vagabond (seeing as I am most definitely taking some comp time to go relax since Huron is working me to death).

P.S. next time you send me a message it better not be depressing.

Master Web Guide Master Engineer Dr. Solamnus Tuberosum MD Journeyman Cryokineticist

***End Transmission***


Personal Journal Entry 1.14.159

In Memory of the Ancients

I feel you in every stone
in every leaf of every tree
that you ever might have grown
I feel you in everything
in every river that might flow
in every seed you might have sown
I feel you in everything
in every vein
in every beating of my heart
each breath I take
I feel you anyway
in every tear that I might shed
in every word I've never said
I feel you anyway...

Transmission to Doc Tubes

****Begin Transmission****

I assume by now you have heard of the tragedy on Lethe. I have sent a transmission several days ago to my family located in Sedu's Cradle Valley near ground zero. I know the communication array is probably bogged down, but I desparately need your help.I need to know if you can use your connections with the Imperials or otherwise to find out about the status of my family.
I'm begging you Doc, I need to know if they are alive, if they are suffering a slow death or if they by some fluke and the will of Sedu, went to vacation elsewhere when the attack occurred.
I don't care if you are weed, none of that matters now. I implore you to look past politics and help me find my family.

****End Transmission****