Personal Journal Entry 1.13.159

“Sorrow” Attack Rocks Tribe Space
by Phransis Dahrel

The unprovoked terrorist attacks have brought untold pain and misery to the peaceful races of the Tribes. Four of the Tribe homeworlds were targeted by agents of Sorrow, who proceeded to release a viral weapon upon the citizens of Tribe space. What follows is all the information that is currently available regarding the incident, as well as some official responses by members of the various Tribal governments.

Lethe - The one planet that has suffered far more than any other from the Sorrow viral attack is Lethe. The most holy of structures (Sedu's Web Gate) is surrounded by the most ancient of the Ancients. With this one attack, Sorrow has managed to effectively decapitate the leadership of the Yazatas by killing every Ancient within 10 square miles of ground zero. The newly empowered Weed Party thankfully has a greater deal of flexibility than either of the other, more conservative parties. The Weed Party has acted with incredible alacrity in response to the viral infection by declaring a temporary state of Martial Law (the first time in living memory), and socializing all anti-viral agents, personnel and facilities. Current casualties, not counting the horrible loss of the Ancients, stand at 100,000 with five times that number suffering various levels of infection. It appears that the spread of the virus has been stopped but the unprecedented level of loss is expected to rise as more of those infected succumb to the effects of the virus. Members of the Spore and the Root parties are attributing this tragedy to the new policies of the ruling Weeds. The Weed philosophy of freedom and liberty is being attributed to the lessening of travel restrictions, which the opposition parties claim was the reason the terrorist attack was successful. The loss of so many Weed politicians and clerks is going to force special elections, giving the Spores and the Roots a chance to retake control of the government.

My family home is near ground zero. The temple to Sedu that I played in as a child and worshipped and my father's office is even closer. Other worlds have been affected as well. This is horrible. I need to know if they are alive.

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