Personal Journal Entry 12.24.158

I think I'll convince Lola in joining me in my new life. Her new teacher will be closer, she'll be safer...I just have to get her over her fear of Imperials.
They could really use someone with her knowledge of the healing arts for Humans. Plus, she'll actually get an income!
Looking into acquiring force screens for the doors in the barracks.
If that doesn't keep out the next potential wave of Caedix infected, then I might as well just give up now. It'll at least keep out the undesirables.


Personal Journal Entry 12.23.158

More Yazatas poems that of course made me think of Kel. I really need to stop looking at poetry. I haven't heard anything from him, I hope he's okay.
I need a drink and a strong hallucinogen...

Edge of the Ocean

There's a place I dream about
Where the sun never goes out
And the sky is deep and blue
Won't you take me there with you?
Oh, we can begin again
Shed our skin, let the sun shine in.
At the edge of the ocean
We can start over again.

The Dreaming Sea

The Dreaming Sea flexes in the lilac light
and you're the moon and I'm the tide
cradle my head
kiss me like you wish me dead
breathe life into me
till I feel as though I'll never sleep again
to close my eyes and feel the whole world swim
till I don't know where you end, where I begin
the dreaming sea
whispers its too late to be saved
the next kiss could be the ninth wave
you and me
upon the bare teeth of the rock
at the mercy of the dreaming sea

Where's the Ocean?

Where's the ocean for us?
As my body touches you and my soul entwines
the view of an ocean and a sea of love
down into the depths of time
and all eternity down into the depths
of all the things I find reminding me
your voice it's calling me haunting me like ghosts at sea.
Will you be the one, my ocean and my divine?
Where's the ocean?
Where's the moments I once knew inside my heart?
I stand pointed by the view you want to stay
as the silhouette of lovers fade into decay.
Playing with the thoughts still tortured,
we were once true lovers
but now I don't see the ocean very clear.
Come and dive into my sea and remember the call.
Remember the cry of time.
Where's the ocean for us when you covered me with kisses?
It meant so very much.
Where's the ocean?
The ocean's here.


Personal Journal Entry 12.16.158

I came across these Yazatas poems...

Exquisite Creature
What can I say about what I know not,
But I feel something deep within.
To some chamber inside with the depths to confide
That smile of stature of sin.
Blazing eyes of a burning sun.
Locking...no looking away.
The desire for fire keep making us higher.
Clear the way.
We will meet.
We will play.

Exquisite Creature II
What could I say about what I knew not,
But I felt it...I felt it within.
To that chamber inside with all depths to confide
That smile - a sensual sin.
Those blazing eyes of that burning sun
they locked...no looking away.
The desire for fire kept making us higher.
Clear the way.
We have met.
Time to play.

I am no longer lost. I've spoken with Preacher and he helped me see what I need to do. I've got to get away from the void and enter into a zone of productivity with resources available. I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. If I want to start a new life, then I must commit. So I did.
I spoke to Colahn. When Legion's contract is up in March, I start my new life.


Personal Journal Entry 12.10.158

For you Kel, for the day when you return to me.

Echo of a Whisper

I think about your being
All inside who you are
While the whispers echo softly
It is here...you are not far
From the hand of sensuality
The eyes a mask of grace
With a soul that takes your body
Off this world without a trace
I think about your spirit
What it holds until set free
And the whispers echo softly
It is here you want to be.
In the touch of truth and sanction
In the arms of all thats real
In the hearts and minds that live as two
that as one they breathe and feel.


Personal Journal Entry 11.26.158

Sent him a video stream.
Hope he gets the message...

Narcotic Thrust-

Moonlight’s kissing on a violet shore
Dreaming In the color of the dress you wore
I wake up harmed and wanting more about you

I don’t wanna feel love
I don’t wanna feel naked
I don’t wanna feel love
Without you

When the dawn breaks
I can feel the heat of your sun rising
Rising up inside of me
I can feel the waves of your heart rushing

Rushing over me

When the dawn breaks
I can feel the heat of your sun rising
Rising up inside of me
I can feel the crash of your of heart breaking

The figures stop moving and the subway dies
The clock stops ticking and traffics sighs
I can’t keep living these strange goodbyes
I need you

I don’t wanna feel love
I don’t wanna feel naked
I don’t wanna feel love
Without you


Personal Journal Entry 11.25.158

I have this notion.

An exoskeleton.

Why not? Like cybernetics, but instead of interfacing with the nervous system from the inside of the Human body, reacting to the muscle and skeletal structure. If the exoskeleton does not need to interact with a specific racial nervous system, then any race could wear it. Especially if I adapt the sections to be adjustable. For mutated limbs however, I would have to special make for the person.

Of course, I would start small. A leg for instance. I already have a test subject in mind. A female Human with a limp. If I can create an exoskelton that would eliminate the limp, allow her to run, then I could expand from there.

That way Humans with mutant traits and Tribe can have similar abilities to cybernetically enhanced Humans.

Just a thought.


Archeotech Cube Experiment

Archeotech Cube Experiment

-Crystalline manmade
-Solid mass, cube
-No signs of power source
-Does not appear to generate power
-No radiation, possible residual radiation from past exposure.
-Superior quality for age, guessing as it’s tech I’ve never encountered.
-Age of cube places before the Great War. Normal wear and tear visible but it’s practically pristine for it’s age. I’d have to guess over a million years.

Experiment #1 Ba’Tul
-Empathy. Received a cold sensation in return. A numbness, feeling of a dead field, like a void.
-Pushed bioenergy into cube. Ba’Tul bio was drained, no outward effect to the cube. Scans indicate a minor power fluctuation.
-Pulled bioenergy from cube. Nothing but void.
-Accelerate Healing on cube. Ba’Tul bio was drained, no outward effect to the cube. Scans indicate another minor power fluctuation.
*Minor power fluctuations are equivalent to heat transfer. On a scale from 1 to 10, this fluctuation registered as a .001.

Experiment #2 Native Eclipse Objects
-Introduced Metal Radiation Ball with shielding intact. No outward effect to cube. Scans indicate a minor power fluctuation, increased radiation. No change to the metal radiation ball.
-Introduced Brown Sparkle Cave Plant. No outward effect to cube. Scans indicate no change in either cube or plant.
-Introduced Bioenergy Multicolored Plants. No outward effect to cube. Scans indicate no change in either cube or plant.

Experiment #3 Mutant Abilities
-Mental commands had no effect on the cube or the person.
-Mutant mechanical scan: empty. Could be a battery or a vaccuum. Possibly a piece of something else like a key, a battery or an anti-battery. To fill or take away.

Experiment #4 Ka’Tul
-Based on a dream: Placed arm blood from blade wound on cube. Meditation revealed void, empty, cube pulls, nothing but absence.

FTU Gravity Well Report (10.4.158)

FTU Gravity Well Report
Survey Acquired 10.4.158 @ 4 am
Report Submitted 10.5.158
Saros Assets Inc, (S.A.I.)
Lead Technician: Zoquea Ch’Olan, Saros Assets Inc.

Saros Assets Inc. was approached early Saturday morning to investigate a gravity anomaly and possible removal of hostile creatures from a cave discovered at the end of tunnel created by the FTU. All equipment was provided by Saros, no FTU personnel or equipment was allowed, found or left behind inside the cavern or tunnel. Below are the details:

· At the entrance of the cavern, a dense vault door of titanium metal with 1 ½ inch bolts was unlocked and open. No detectable traps or power sources.
· No interior light was available. Night vision detected no heat signatures or moving bodies.
· Upon entry of the doorframe, a heavy gravity anomaly was detectable. One member of Saros, the Aeshma Legion Theta, adapted to the gravity and investigated the room.
- Old furniture, as in living quarters was all that was recorded.
· A large hole in the left wall approximately 15 feet from the entrance, 10 feet from the front wall led into a secondary room with no detectable gravity anomaly.
· The entire team struggled against the gravity well and reached the interior, secondary room with no problems.
· The interior chamber was rectangular, with an additional smaller square room directly across from the entrance hole.
· The smaller room revealed a closed titanium vault door approximately 1 ½ feet thick on the right hand side. We were unable to breach this door.
- Immediately to the left on the same wall as the open door, a power panel was open. Several almost depleted power cells were visible. Scans indicated no power was being relayed to this panel.
· Inside the main rectangular interior room, located between the two doors against the same exterior wall as the cavern vault door a damaged computer was located between two high gravity benches.
o The computer was mounted/merged with a stand that formed into the ground and could not be removed from the room.
o The computer had two wires that had been sheared apart by a heavy object, not cut by tools.
o Scans indicated no viable power relay available.
o On the floor, 5 feet in front of the computer was a rectangle piece of skin (unknown) approximately 3 x 4 feet in size, with bloody handprints. Hypothesis: Degen worship area.
o Using insulated tools, I connected the two wires on the computer. A hologram of an archeotech cube illuminated the mirror above the computer base. A female voice (dubbed “The Scientist”) and a computerized voice (dubbed “The A.I.”) began a dialogue. The transcript of what we were able to catch on our recording device is attached.
o In the middle of the dialogue (the ‘Resurrection Sequence’), the wires fused together, similar to nanite technology.
o At the end of the dialogue (the ‘Countdown’), The Scientist began a countdown sequence due to outside influence. The countdown could only be stopped by entering the appropriate code. Hypothesis: Cutting the wire would have been impossible, hence the sheared look of a heavy object striking it in the first place.
o Saros team exited as quickly as possible out the cavern entrance. The last ten seconds of the countdown, the vault door began to close. I tried to find anything to prevent the door from sealing, but to no avail. There was no time to cut the power to the door either. We did not have the equipment to breach this titanium vault door. Hypothesis: I believe no explosion occurred as no tremor was felt though the tunnel walls, nor heard. If nanite technology was available, I believe a nanite gas, similar to the one found at the Base Camp, was released inside to destroy anything it was not programmed to protect.
· Upon exiting the tunnel, we were faced with several Degens carrying assorted weapons from swords to firearms. Three were killed in the battle and one was stunned. One live and one dead Degen body were taken to the Research facility and placed into cryo chambers for future study by scientists.

Beginning Transcript

The Female Scientist Voice
Detecting. All systems are 5-by-5. Here's a matter of [excess / interest ?], less than 1 % res cycle. Doctor, I've received information from way station. Way station has established a correction number 6500 on alien device. Dr. Tolder believes that despite the device's rather deterioration that errances in [Shikay ? ] were replicating the device, enacting its salvageable hardware to our power systems. Doc Tolder believes this will be accomplished by week's end. I am now downloading [MV ?] information and audio information from way station as follows, Doctor

A.I Voice
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence
This was when the wires melded back together.
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence

The Female Scientist Voice
Doctor, I've just run a self-diagnostic and I found that both my visual and audio recognition capabilities are inoperable. Without proper codes delivered in the next 30 seconds, I can only assume we've been infiltrated by the outside's forces. If the security codes that forces has not been entered , I'll initiate my personal self-destruct sequence. It's been an honor, Dr. [? Henry ?]. At your command.
Countdown from 30 seconds initiated.

FTU Denszite Survey Report (10.4.158)

FTU Denszite Survey Report
Survey Acquired 10.4.158
Report Submitted 10.5.158
Lead Technician: Zoquea Ch’Olan, Saros Assets Inc.

Utilizing FTU survey equipment, I began the scan at the docks and found a spattering through the wooded area near the lake. However, the closer to an untouched sand beach, a vein was discovered that lead along the water’s edge and ended at the other end of the beach in the water. Below are the exact survey results:

· Initial scan. 30 yards from docks. ½ to 1 dozen scattered Denszite ore, approximately 150 to 200 feet deep.
· Second scan. 45 yards from dock. Very dense massive boulder (approximately 25-30 feet wide) of Denszite ore, 220 yards deep.
· Third scan. 80 yards from docks. Scattering of Denszite but thickened towards the beach, approximately 150-200 feet deep
· Fourth scan. 100 yards from docks. Beginning of Sand Beach. Beginning of thick vein of Denszite, 1 foot in diameter leading towards the water’s edge, approximately 100 feet deep and progressively shallower towards the water.
· Fifth scan. Along water’s edge of Sand Beach. Thick vein of Denszite running along water’s edge and some under water along entire length of Sand Beach, approximately 30-75 feet deep. Vein ends at the end of Sand Beach and runs into the water.

At the conclusion of the survey, two never encountered creatures emerged from the sand. These creatures seemed to resemble giant worms and their emergence from under the sand knocked us all down to the ground.

These worms had no appendages, but a mouth full of razor like teeth. Their main form of attack was an audible sonic scream that seemed to be able to break bones. I have nicknamed them “Screamers” but these “Sand Worms” were impervious to weapon fire and most physical attacks. Even a frag grenade down its throat didn’t kill it. The only technique that seemed to work was a mentalist was able to hold one at bay. The two worms worked independently of each other, from what I could tell. They were also not very quick, due to the large body structure.
We eventually had to stop experimenting with what might damage these creatures when they started to advance on our wounded.

All FTU equipment was returned to Gill.

FTU Corporation Data Tape Recovery Report (10.5.158)

FTU Corporation Data Tape Recovery (Team B) Report
Mission completed 10.5.158 @ 4:30 am
Report Submitted 10.5.158
Technician On-Duty: Zoquea Ch’Olan
Saros Assets Inc.

FTU received reports that two facilities of one Corporation had been infected by the Caedix virus. All failsafes for these buildings to contain the virus within the designated areas inside the buildings had failed. Two teams were designed to infiltrate the premises and eradicate the threat before the Caedix virus or any infected species or contaminated items left the building. Team A cleared out Building One to allow Team B access to Building Two.

To prevent contamination, Team B wore full environmental suits to protect against the Caedix virus. With three medical, one technician and every team member loaded with at least two types of weapons, Team B was escorted by FTU Foreman Gill to the foyer of Building Two.

Double force screens 20 feet apart were all that separated the dead infected Corporation personnel and the outside world. Foreman Gill powered down the first force screen to allow Team B into the hallway, brought back up the first screen and then lowered the second.

The buildings alarms were tripped, with minimal interior emergency lighting. Several monitors were upended, papers were scattered throughout the facility, an unknown mist or fog enveloped sections of the building and blood was everywhere. Every Corporation personnel we encountered had reached the final stage of the Caedix infection, that is-they were dead and reanimated flesh, able to infect others. There was one body still in a cryo chamber, but upon closer inspection all monitors indicated the person was deceased.

Our team finally cleared through the entire building to the back storage room where the main database was housed. I located the server where the medical files were being stored on data tapes. I removed all data tapes and searched for other servers for additional data files, but none were found.

The team retreated to the secondary force screen and called for Foreman Gill as per his instructions. We received no answer from the other end. We began yelling louder in case he was further away from the door. Both force screens lowered at the same time, but we still never received an answer from Foreman Gill.

Upon exiting the door of the primary force screen into the main foyer, several people in disguise as FTU employees attacked us. The first two of our team went down from leg wounds, the remainder used extreme firepower to eliminate the threat of the Humans which had drawn weapons and began firing upon us immediately. One of the Humans was kept alive for further study. Two of our team immediately started searching for Foreman Gill and found him lying outside of Building Two injured. Foreman Gill was brought back inside the foyer and treated and recovered fully.

The entire team and Foreman Gill took the Humans to the Research Facility where we went through our decontamination process.

The Corporation’s medical data tapes we recovered had been sabotaged. We have our leading computer technicians planet side trying to recover the data that had obviously been tampered. Knowing there is information about this Caedix virus on those tapes and the virus has been released onto the planet, deciphering those tapes has become our top priority.

Personal Journal Entry 11.23.158

I have been looking into alternative employment.
I have become stagnant where I am, unable to do the research I want or that is needed, and do not have access to the resources I require.
And I have something to prove to myself and another.
I used to not care about competition, trust or honesty until I worked with Humans. These three they value most preciously, yet anger quickly when faced with them.
If I were Human and I only lived less than 100 years, I would see that life is precious and should not wasted on this type of anger. But I am Yazatas, and I can live up to 1000 years - yet all life is still precious to me.
I can not be angry at him for what he feels. If I love him as I think I do, then I must wait for him patiently. For as long as it takes. But the Greening will be upon me in about four months...my willpower will be extremely low. If he is still offplanet, that will not bode well for me. Damn that Human monogamy. Why can't they all be like Yazatas? Or at least understand our needs.
On a completely different note, I think I am closer to Middian than others. I have adapted to the cycle of the seasons since I have been onplanet for over a year. Since the nanites healed and attacked my body on the Plateau at the Base Camp, I have noticed something very odd. Every indigenous creature on Middian has yet to attack me. I have encountered Degens, the ape-like creatures, armadillo bears, sentient plants, and sand worms and none have attacked me. I've attacked several, experimented with several, and they never retaliated. The Degens and SandWorms I was able to approach within a 10 foot radius without the creature showing signs of distress.
I have only been attacked by a Caedix virus infected Human, Mauraders (Humans), and followers of Nidrigg (Human). It is the Human race that is dangerous to my well being, not Middian.
The Degens are the key to Middian. I can feel it. I must learn how to communicate with them. Problem is, most of the archeotech that would be beneficial to the communication is in the hands of others in town. I highly doubt they would let me 'borrow' the items if they knew I was going to the Degens. I highly doubt anyone in town would trust me with anything if they knew I was going to the Degens. But they live underground. They access the 'Chine' beneath the surface, which means they can access the tunnels. We've been focusing on the Spiders, we need to focus on the Degens. They are way more intellegent than people are giving them credit. I've seen their work - on the same level as me. Maybe I could impress them with my Reforge Complex...if I only focus I'm sure I can make it work when I need it to.


Personal Journal Entry 11.22.158

I wish I could tell myself I survived the Caedix virus attack on Middian, but I can't.
I witnessed what this virus did to the researchers at that Corporation, the handprints, the bloody entrails, their eyes. As scared as I was, I swore to Sedu I would never become infected, fall and become a creature like that. I couldn't uphold that swear to my God of Technology and Order.
I thought I took every precaution. I placed the highest level of maglocks on every door. I had a steel enforced doorbar on every door. I was placing an alarm trap on every door but one (the main entrance) when the first Caedix infected broke through the back door. There was nothing I could have done to keep them out. I failed and paid the ultimate price. They pierced my heart with claws, infecting me and killing me instantly.
That is all I can remember. I woke up in the Research Center under the careful eye of Kel and others. Although Kel tried to clean the blood off of my face, I was still covered in the red nightmare.
People talk. I prefer not to listen but I hear stories.
I evidently became like the infected and attacked the locals. In fact, most of Saros was infected. Several apologized for thinking about 'chopping my head off'. I didn't sleep at all Sunday night.
I was never so glad to see the sun come up Monday morning. Then the radio squawked, "Infected heading to the Barracks." I ran to the Saros Annex (we were staying with the CPL) at the back of the Barracks to see the road and my nightmares were walking straight at me.
I woke people up by checking each lock and doorbar and announcing loudly that infected were coming and the doors will not hold them, be prepared. Hardly anyone moved from their beds.
I was at the last door, when an infected came onto the porch. I was so scared I couldn't move. It wasn't until I heard Noah's voice calling y name behind me, telling me the creature was going to bust the door open that I finally realized what was happening. But it was almost too late.
The door busted open.
I screamed and ran blindly wherever my fear took me. Screams and gunfire erupted, curses and prayers and all I could do was hide, curl up, rocking to comfort myself from the horrors beyond. Eventually I calmed down, but then anger took over. I was the only one in the Barracks who could fix the doors, but I can't keep them out. What use were my alarm traps? Absolutely useless. I began to rip every alarm trap off their mounts and destroy each one. Kel tried to calm me down, as did the rest of CPL, but their words fell on deaf ears.
I eventually came to my wits, and although still scared out of my mind, gathered all of the broken maglocks and doorbars and went to the Research Facility to access the Mechanical Tech Lab to fix and produce more.
Monday night, investigators took samples of our blood and interviewd those of us who had been among the infected dead. I gave a sample but could not get the courage to relive my death again.
Tuesday morning I received the worst news of all. The Imperials were being called offplanet.
The tension between Kel and I has grown worse since he received his orders to the point of him not trusting me anymore. I've always felt actions speak louder than words, so I told him some truths about my background. Truths I've hidden. I thought the action of telling the truth would have been enough for a Human, but I was wrong. Dead wrong. I may have lost him forever.
Now he is no longer on Middian and I am lost without him.


IGNN Broadcast


The Intergalactic News Network broadcast of the Eclipse Neutrality Treaty Signing also has additional footage of the current barracks, update on local floral and fauna, and a close up of the unique webway gate. The broadcast is being downloaded now.
Taiowa Industries, of Huron Arms has begun to arm the Imperials on Eclipse. I have embedded their database of weaponry.
I will be returning to Eclipse from Vohu in one week and will file a report within the month.

May Sedu be with you,


Transmission for Venerable Olan, Honorable Lily

Привет от Haven, Greetings from Haven

O Venerable Olan and Honorable Lily
O Distinguished Tribes of Nymphaea, Scirpus, Demersum, Schreberi, Lacustrine

Upon the date of 2.3.158 a.g.w. IGNN reported an attack at the Floating Vagabond on 1.27.158 a.g.w. I have embedded the original IGNN transmission accessible through this datastream.

I sent this information to you as several names are mentioned in the newscast, one being my own. The humans I associate with on Eclipse have difficulty with my name so they nicknamed me Zoe. The terrorist attack was orchestrated by a human named Jack Farson. He demanded an Archeotech artifact that was acquired by the Saros Assests Inc. of which I am a member. The artifact was acquired without my knowledge and I have not yet been able to scan and study this piece. S.A.I. is in the process of locating a competent facility for research and for safety. If you require more information, please contact me via private and secure channels.

In the meantime, along with a couple of humans, I diffused several bombs set to detonate around the Floating Vagabond. The primary transmitter was disabled but a secondary transmitter was identified. Realizing I could disable these and be able to salvage these bombs, I moved them to Haven to a secure Imperium facility. These dangerous weapons will be stored in this secure facility until I have time to perform more research and be able to draw up designs so we may use them for defense capabilities instead of human terrorist stupidity. Until then I will return to Eclipse and resume my duty mapping and reporting back.

The situation on Haven has intensified. Although we may walk around in our zones unbothered, the security in the Imperium areas is increased. I now have to wear a tag, like other humans, to pass through security gates. This is a new concept to me. Fringers are being denied entrance at the Webway gate unless escorted by a Tribe, Imperium or Meurlain. But even then, walking around is not advised. All Fringers are highly encouraged to stay off of Haven while the Imperium has declared martial law. I know throughout the history of Haven, the Imperium of Man has come and gone from this planet, but I can not recall reading any military action this extreme. Entire sections of the city are missing, completely destroyed. Whether by terrorists hands or by Imperium hands it does not matter, it is by human hands. Thank goodness they are short lived. May Sedu watch over us all.

С любовью к Sedu на Вас, With love of Sedu to you