Personal Journal Entry 11.23.158

I have been looking into alternative employment.
I have become stagnant where I am, unable to do the research I want or that is needed, and do not have access to the resources I require.
And I have something to prove to myself and another.
I used to not care about competition, trust or honesty until I worked with Humans. These three they value most preciously, yet anger quickly when faced with them.
If I were Human and I only lived less than 100 years, I would see that life is precious and should not wasted on this type of anger. But I am Yazatas, and I can live up to 1000 years - yet all life is still precious to me.
I can not be angry at him for what he feels. If I love him as I think I do, then I must wait for him patiently. For as long as it takes. But the Greening will be upon me in about four months...my willpower will be extremely low. If he is still offplanet, that will not bode well for me. Damn that Human monogamy. Why can't they all be like Yazatas? Or at least understand our needs.
On a completely different note, I think I am closer to Middian than others. I have adapted to the cycle of the seasons since I have been onplanet for over a year. Since the nanites healed and attacked my body on the Plateau at the Base Camp, I have noticed something very odd. Every indigenous creature on Middian has yet to attack me. I have encountered Degens, the ape-like creatures, armadillo bears, sentient plants, and sand worms and none have attacked me. I've attacked several, experimented with several, and they never retaliated. The Degens and SandWorms I was able to approach within a 10 foot radius without the creature showing signs of distress.
I have only been attacked by a Caedix virus infected Human, Mauraders (Humans), and followers of Nidrigg (Human). It is the Human race that is dangerous to my well being, not Middian.
The Degens are the key to Middian. I can feel it. I must learn how to communicate with them. Problem is, most of the archeotech that would be beneficial to the communication is in the hands of others in town. I highly doubt they would let me 'borrow' the items if they knew I was going to the Degens. I highly doubt anyone in town would trust me with anything if they knew I was going to the Degens. But they live underground. They access the 'Chine' beneath the surface, which means they can access the tunnels. We've been focusing on the Spiders, we need to focus on the Degens. They are way more intellegent than people are giving them credit. I've seen their work - on the same level as me. Maybe I could impress them with my Reforge Complex...if I only focus I'm sure I can make it work when I need it to.

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