FTU Denszite Survey Report (10.4.158)

FTU Denszite Survey Report
Survey Acquired 10.4.158
Report Submitted 10.5.158
Lead Technician: Zoquea Ch’Olan, Saros Assets Inc.

Utilizing FTU survey equipment, I began the scan at the docks and found a spattering through the wooded area near the lake. However, the closer to an untouched sand beach, a vein was discovered that lead along the water’s edge and ended at the other end of the beach in the water. Below are the exact survey results:

· Initial scan. 30 yards from docks. ½ to 1 dozen scattered Denszite ore, approximately 150 to 200 feet deep.
· Second scan. 45 yards from dock. Very dense massive boulder (approximately 25-30 feet wide) of Denszite ore, 220 yards deep.
· Third scan. 80 yards from docks. Scattering of Denszite but thickened towards the beach, approximately 150-200 feet deep
· Fourth scan. 100 yards from docks. Beginning of Sand Beach. Beginning of thick vein of Denszite, 1 foot in diameter leading towards the water’s edge, approximately 100 feet deep and progressively shallower towards the water.
· Fifth scan. Along water’s edge of Sand Beach. Thick vein of Denszite running along water’s edge and some under water along entire length of Sand Beach, approximately 30-75 feet deep. Vein ends at the end of Sand Beach and runs into the water.

At the conclusion of the survey, two never encountered creatures emerged from the sand. These creatures seemed to resemble giant worms and their emergence from under the sand knocked us all down to the ground.

These worms had no appendages, but a mouth full of razor like teeth. Their main form of attack was an audible sonic scream that seemed to be able to break bones. I have nicknamed them “Screamers” but these “Sand Worms” were impervious to weapon fire and most physical attacks. Even a frag grenade down its throat didn’t kill it. The only technique that seemed to work was a mentalist was able to hold one at bay. The two worms worked independently of each other, from what I could tell. They were also not very quick, due to the large body structure.
We eventually had to stop experimenting with what might damage these creatures when they started to advance on our wounded.

All FTU equipment was returned to Gill.

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