Personal Journal Entry 11.25.158

I have this notion.

An exoskeleton.

Why not? Like cybernetics, but instead of interfacing with the nervous system from the inside of the Human body, reacting to the muscle and skeletal structure. If the exoskeleton does not need to interact with a specific racial nervous system, then any race could wear it. Especially if I adapt the sections to be adjustable. For mutated limbs however, I would have to special make for the person.

Of course, I would start small. A leg for instance. I already have a test subject in mind. A female Human with a limp. If I can create an exoskelton that would eliminate the limp, allow her to run, then I could expand from there.

That way Humans with mutant traits and Tribe can have similar abilities to cybernetically enhanced Humans.

Just a thought.

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