FTU Gravity Well Report (10.4.158)

FTU Gravity Well Report
Survey Acquired 10.4.158 @ 4 am
Report Submitted 10.5.158
Saros Assets Inc, (S.A.I.)
Lead Technician: Zoquea Ch’Olan, Saros Assets Inc.

Saros Assets Inc. was approached early Saturday morning to investigate a gravity anomaly and possible removal of hostile creatures from a cave discovered at the end of tunnel created by the FTU. All equipment was provided by Saros, no FTU personnel or equipment was allowed, found or left behind inside the cavern or tunnel. Below are the details:

· At the entrance of the cavern, a dense vault door of titanium metal with 1 ½ inch bolts was unlocked and open. No detectable traps or power sources.
· No interior light was available. Night vision detected no heat signatures or moving bodies.
· Upon entry of the doorframe, a heavy gravity anomaly was detectable. One member of Saros, the Aeshma Legion Theta, adapted to the gravity and investigated the room.
- Old furniture, as in living quarters was all that was recorded.
· A large hole in the left wall approximately 15 feet from the entrance, 10 feet from the front wall led into a secondary room with no detectable gravity anomaly.
· The entire team struggled against the gravity well and reached the interior, secondary room with no problems.
· The interior chamber was rectangular, with an additional smaller square room directly across from the entrance hole.
· The smaller room revealed a closed titanium vault door approximately 1 ½ feet thick on the right hand side. We were unable to breach this door.
- Immediately to the left on the same wall as the open door, a power panel was open. Several almost depleted power cells were visible. Scans indicated no power was being relayed to this panel.
· Inside the main rectangular interior room, located between the two doors against the same exterior wall as the cavern vault door a damaged computer was located between two high gravity benches.
o The computer was mounted/merged with a stand that formed into the ground and could not be removed from the room.
o The computer had two wires that had been sheared apart by a heavy object, not cut by tools.
o Scans indicated no viable power relay available.
o On the floor, 5 feet in front of the computer was a rectangle piece of skin (unknown) approximately 3 x 4 feet in size, with bloody handprints. Hypothesis: Degen worship area.
o Using insulated tools, I connected the two wires on the computer. A hologram of an archeotech cube illuminated the mirror above the computer base. A female voice (dubbed “The Scientist”) and a computerized voice (dubbed “The A.I.”) began a dialogue. The transcript of what we were able to catch on our recording device is attached.
o In the middle of the dialogue (the ‘Resurrection Sequence’), the wires fused together, similar to nanite technology.
o At the end of the dialogue (the ‘Countdown’), The Scientist began a countdown sequence due to outside influence. The countdown could only be stopped by entering the appropriate code. Hypothesis: Cutting the wire would have been impossible, hence the sheared look of a heavy object striking it in the first place.
o Saros team exited as quickly as possible out the cavern entrance. The last ten seconds of the countdown, the vault door began to close. I tried to find anything to prevent the door from sealing, but to no avail. There was no time to cut the power to the door either. We did not have the equipment to breach this titanium vault door. Hypothesis: I believe no explosion occurred as no tremor was felt though the tunnel walls, nor heard. If nanite technology was available, I believe a nanite gas, similar to the one found at the Base Camp, was released inside to destroy anything it was not programmed to protect.
· Upon exiting the tunnel, we were faced with several Degens carrying assorted weapons from swords to firearms. Three were killed in the battle and one was stunned. One live and one dead Degen body were taken to the Research facility and placed into cryo chambers for future study by scientists.

Beginning Transcript

The Female Scientist Voice
Detecting. All systems are 5-by-5. Here's a matter of [excess / interest ?], less than 1 % res cycle. Doctor, I've received information from way station. Way station has established a correction number 6500 on alien device. Dr. Tolder believes that despite the device's rather deterioration that errances in [Shikay ? ] were replicating the device, enacting its salvageable hardware to our power systems. Doc Tolder believes this will be accomplished by week's end. I am now downloading [MV ?] information and audio information from way station as follows, Doctor

A.I Voice
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence
This was when the wires melded back together.
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence
Resurrection sequence: A-R-3 B-R-3 C-R-5 D-4-2 P-R-4 P1RCT0 P212P0 P3GCR0 End Resurrection Sequence

The Female Scientist Voice
Doctor, I've just run a self-diagnostic and I found that both my visual and audio recognition capabilities are inoperable. Without proper codes delivered in the next 30 seconds, I can only assume we've been infiltrated by the outside's forces. If the security codes that forces has not been entered , I'll initiate my personal self-destruct sequence. It's been an honor, Dr. [? Henry ?]. At your command.
Countdown from 30 seconds initiated.

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