FTU Corporation Data Tape Recovery Report (10.5.158)

FTU Corporation Data Tape Recovery (Team B) Report
Mission completed 10.5.158 @ 4:30 am
Report Submitted 10.5.158
Technician On-Duty: Zoquea Ch’Olan
Saros Assets Inc.

FTU received reports that two facilities of one Corporation had been infected by the Caedix virus. All failsafes for these buildings to contain the virus within the designated areas inside the buildings had failed. Two teams were designed to infiltrate the premises and eradicate the threat before the Caedix virus or any infected species or contaminated items left the building. Team A cleared out Building One to allow Team B access to Building Two.

To prevent contamination, Team B wore full environmental suits to protect against the Caedix virus. With three medical, one technician and every team member loaded with at least two types of weapons, Team B was escorted by FTU Foreman Gill to the foyer of Building Two.

Double force screens 20 feet apart were all that separated the dead infected Corporation personnel and the outside world. Foreman Gill powered down the first force screen to allow Team B into the hallway, brought back up the first screen and then lowered the second.

The buildings alarms were tripped, with minimal interior emergency lighting. Several monitors were upended, papers were scattered throughout the facility, an unknown mist or fog enveloped sections of the building and blood was everywhere. Every Corporation personnel we encountered had reached the final stage of the Caedix infection, that is-they were dead and reanimated flesh, able to infect others. There was one body still in a cryo chamber, but upon closer inspection all monitors indicated the person was deceased.

Our team finally cleared through the entire building to the back storage room where the main database was housed. I located the server where the medical files were being stored on data tapes. I removed all data tapes and searched for other servers for additional data files, but none were found.

The team retreated to the secondary force screen and called for Foreman Gill as per his instructions. We received no answer from the other end. We began yelling louder in case he was further away from the door. Both force screens lowered at the same time, but we still never received an answer from Foreman Gill.

Upon exiting the door of the primary force screen into the main foyer, several people in disguise as FTU employees attacked us. The first two of our team went down from leg wounds, the remainder used extreme firepower to eliminate the threat of the Humans which had drawn weapons and began firing upon us immediately. One of the Humans was kept alive for further study. Two of our team immediately started searching for Foreman Gill and found him lying outside of Building Two injured. Foreman Gill was brought back inside the foyer and treated and recovered fully.

The entire team and Foreman Gill took the Humans to the Research Facility where we went through our decontamination process.

The Corporation’s medical data tapes we recovered had been sabotaged. We have our leading computer technicians planet side trying to recover the data that had obviously been tampered. Knowing there is information about this Caedix virus on those tapes and the virus has been released onto the planet, deciphering those tapes has become our top priority.

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