Transmission for Venerable Olan, Honorable Lily

Привет от Haven, Greetings from Haven

O Venerable Olan and Honorable Lily
O Distinguished Tribes of Nymphaea, Scirpus, Demersum, Schreberi, Lacustrine

Upon the date of 2.3.158 a.g.w. IGNN reported an attack at the Floating Vagabond on 1.27.158 a.g.w. I have embedded the original IGNN transmission accessible through this datastream.

I sent this information to you as several names are mentioned in the newscast, one being my own. The humans I associate with on Eclipse have difficulty with my name so they nicknamed me Zoe. The terrorist attack was orchestrated by a human named Jack Farson. He demanded an Archeotech artifact that was acquired by the Saros Assests Inc. of which I am a member. The artifact was acquired without my knowledge and I have not yet been able to scan and study this piece. S.A.I. is in the process of locating a competent facility for research and for safety. If you require more information, please contact me via private and secure channels.

In the meantime, along with a couple of humans, I diffused several bombs set to detonate around the Floating Vagabond. The primary transmitter was disabled but a secondary transmitter was identified. Realizing I could disable these and be able to salvage these bombs, I moved them to Haven to a secure Imperium facility. These dangerous weapons will be stored in this secure facility until I have time to perform more research and be able to draw up designs so we may use them for defense capabilities instead of human terrorist stupidity. Until then I will return to Eclipse and resume my duty mapping and reporting back.

The situation on Haven has intensified. Although we may walk around in our zones unbothered, the security in the Imperium areas is increased. I now have to wear a tag, like other humans, to pass through security gates. This is a new concept to me. Fringers are being denied entrance at the Webway gate unless escorted by a Tribe, Imperium or Meurlain. But even then, walking around is not advised. All Fringers are highly encouraged to stay off of Haven while the Imperium has declared martial law. I know throughout the history of Haven, the Imperium of Man has come and gone from this planet, but I can not recall reading any military action this extreme. Entire sections of the city are missing, completely destroyed. Whether by terrorists hands or by Imperium hands it does not matter, it is by human hands. Thank goodness they are short lived. May Sedu watch over us all.

С любовью к Sedu на Вас, With love of Sedu to you

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