Nidregg Marauder Attack

Circumstance occurred 10.11.157

This report has been complied from several different sources as my personal account is missing due to memory loss.

An audio transmission was received over the general channel from an Imperial security detail warning those near the hospital and the food facility that 15 to 20 hostiles, probably marauders, were heading in our direction.

  • We warned the hospital on the designated emergency medical channel and placed assistance required warnings across all channels.
  • Inside the food facility, tables were placed as barriers near all doors.
  • Armed guards were placed at each door.
  • Several armed personnel were stationed on the front porch.

The hostiles infiltrated the food facility through the back door closest to the hospital. This was the last memory I retained. The next memory I can recall, I was lying on my back on the floor with members of the S.A.I. nearby. I was informed I had died and was brought back to life through a process performed by a Ba'Tül Metabolic Psionic.

Individual accounts:

  • Heard screams of the hostiles outside, "Nidregg take me!", "We have more for the sacrifice.", "We need more for Nidregg."
  • Heard a high shrill alarm of some type. Several hostiles were surrounding a black object with a flashing orb.
  • Hostiles looked mostly human, but several were mutant. Claws and other mutations were visable.

After the hostiles were removed. The black object was retrieved. I personally inspected the object. My observations:

  • Object was emitting radiation in low levels. Seemed higher levels of dangerous proportions was possible when it was fully operational.
  • Round cylindar shaped similar to the ancient stones discovered in Section A. Only approximately 12 inches high, 24 inches across in diameter. Black colored with clear flashing orb (now defunct) on top. Spiral pattern on top with orb in center.
  • Defunct orb was the only piece salvagable. Every wire, mechanical and electronic component inside the contraption was melted beyond recognition.
  • Contraption was left in the food facility with instructions to bury away from any livable areas and bodies of water.

Theories involve:

  • These were traps. The flashing orb, like those in Section A, lure the victim in. The orb had no other function than to be a decoration. Section A created a Chill to kill the victim, this trap killed with massive radiation.
  • These contraptions were created to send sacrifices for Nidregg.
  • Sacrifices do not have to be Human. Any life form will suffice whether animal, Tribe, Human or even Synth.

Report complied and transmission sent 19.11.157

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