Canto Eclipse Generator Repair

Repair occurred on Universal date 9.11.157 a.g.w.(Friday, November 9)

A foreman approached S.A.I. for a potential job. His mechanical technician entered a building to repair a generator and had not returned. Odd sounds were emanating from the building and no Canto employees would go in the investigate. S.A.I. provided security to enter and eliminate the threat, medical to assist the fallen employee, mechanical technician to repair the generator.

Upon approach of the building, the generator clearly sounded in distress. When the security detail entered the building, hostile entities immediately attacked, eliminated and within 10 minutes the generator repaired.

  • The hostiles were identified as 'Chills', black wraith like creatures with claws that inflict cold damage and stun.
  • The Canto technician was found and tended to, she made a full recovery. She awoke after the repair was completed and complained of 'being very cold'. The security detail treated her with caution as others who have been attacked by these hostiles had attacked unprovoked. She was escorted back to her barracks.
  • The generator was in disrepair and was on the verge of catastrophic failure. Power output was minimized increasing internal pressure. Stress fractures were evident upon the outer casing. Total failure was imminent. I replaced the missing valve stem to relieve internal pressure among other repairs. A good preventative maintenance routine would have kept this generator from reaching critical mass. This will also provide your equipment with a much longer lifespan. Contact sticker was applied to the top of the unit for future repairs.

Report completed and transmission sent 17.11.157

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