Aeshma-Imperial Eclipse Prisoner Exchange

Incident occurred 9.11.157 to 10.11.157
Location Eclipse Webway Gate

A call to all Fringers and Tribe members who feel that a neutral territory such as Eclipse should remain neutral for ALL races and incidences was requested. Meet at the Eclipse Gate.
Original intel spoke of Imperial prisoners coming through the Gate to be executed on the Planet Eclipse. Prisoners were determined to be mutant humans.
While waiting for the prisoner contingency to arrive, a pack of large sized wolves attacked. The Gate became active and 4 Aeshma guards with 4 human prisoners entered Eclipse.
An unidentified person broke the bonds of one of the female prisoners. This person, presumably human, ran back through the Gate. As the freed prisoner ran south of the Gate into the woods, she yelled a phase.
Several events occurred:
  • Something black wraith like with claws emerged from the Gate. Guns did not seem to affect the creature. I heard it speak "Boo." into my ear at one point. Very fast.
  • The Gate began to pivot at the base. The Webway was broken and the Gate became inactive.
  • Everyone, Human and Tribe, suffered from a pain attack of some form. To me, it felt as though I had been punched in the center of my chest.
  • Wolves were still attacking.

After the Chill-like creature was dispatched (I am unaware of the details) and the wolves were being destroyed, the Aeshma began to move their human cargo to the Tribe barracks. I followed and attempted to explain to the Humans that one person should speak to only one of the Aeshma, whichever declared itself in charge of the information.

The information gathered was thus:

  • The Aeshma were supposed to rendezvous with the Imerium of Man.
  • Aeshma had mutant human prisoners for the Imperium, Imperium had Aeshma prisoners to trade.
  • The Imperium never showed, possibly due to the confusion and closure of the Gate.
  • The Aeshma refused to deal with anyone other than the designated Imperials.
  • The Aeshma made camp behind the Tribe/Fringer barracks. No one saw any evidence of the group Saturday morning.

Report complied and transmission sent 18.11.157

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