Section A Survey Expedition

Original mission occured 10.11.157

Three missions were requested by the Canto Group.
  • Section A to enter previously unexplored section.
  • Section C to determine location of lost Synth.
  • Elimination to destroy a nest of hostiles blocking Section A.

The Elimination Team and Section C Team returned before sundown to report a body was recovered, extremely damaged. The hostiles were removed and strange eggs with odd markings were discovered. Most eggs were destroyed, but one was taken to the Hospital for further tests along with the body for further analysis. Many theories abound, some Fringers felt it might be from a cult dedicated to a Goddess in the Fringer Pantheon.

Section A set off to the designated coordinates immediately after sundown. A foreman and a Synth were present with the team which consisted of Yazatas, Kshathra and Humans. The team traveled south of the Gate, past the body of water, up an embankment of a partially dried riverbed. Very little light penetrated the thick forest. Immediately a small flashing orb close to the ground captured everyone's attention. Description of area:

  • Spiral patterned driftwood and branches from the center emanating the pulsing orb. Blood (unidentified species) cast over each branch and a turtleshell to the right of the orb filled with blood.
  • Pulsing orb was attached to a solid smooth circular black rock that was buried several feet into the ground. A spiral image was etched into the top of the stone and metallic looking powder rubbed into the markings. Pulsing orb at center of etched spiral. This object radiated energy.
  • A second solid smooth circular black rock was located southwest of the first etched rock and turtleshell. Also buried several feet into the ground, plain rock, no markings, no energy readings. Both rocks seemed identical, as in ancient, style was unidentifiable. The etched rock seemed to have been tampered with, thus changing what the original rock was intended (currently unknown). Biological scans did not indicate either.

Upon closer inspection, a Human touched the flashing orb in which a shrill alarm began. A black wraith like creature (potentially a 'Chill') appeared. Bullets did not affect the hostile, only Psionic attacks. After several attacks, the hostile disappeared. The team began to reinvestigate the area, when the alarm became louder and faster. The hostile reappeared. Once the team was at a distance of 100 feet, the hostile stopped attacking and remained facing us, but never left the general area of the pulsing orb. During discussions of tactics, the hostile began to heal itself (thus theorizing this was the same creature) but never advanced as long as the team remained outside the 100 feet. The team took a different route up through the dense forest to reach the road to the barracks. The foreman declared the area surveyed.


  • The spiral patterns and the blood potentially belong to a Goddess in the Fringer Pantheon, Nidregg.
  • As the lunar cycle on Eclipse is different from the Fringer planets, the Fringers had already celebrated 'Nidregg's night'. But on Eclipse it was a new moon that evening. Another possible reason this was a sacrifice altar for Nidregg.
  • The hostile creature seemed to have been called by the shrill alarm and only after the orb was touched. A guardian of the altar? Or the executioner for the intended sacrifice (whoever touches the orb)?

Through improper data collection and interviewing, one of the other teams also found a spiral shaped pattern made of wood that were sharp crisp edges at each section where the wood crossed to create the spiral. I am unable to confirm this as I am unaware who was on the other teams and from whom I received this information.

Report complied and transmission sent 18.11.157

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