Saros Assets Inc. (S.A.I.)

Saros Assets Incorporation

A newly formed company based upon freelance contractual agreements. Currently operating as a fully incorporated, legal company of consultants and soldiers-of-fortune. Organized and maintained financially by a Midir, Alexzandria Zubadia and a Human Alexander Campbell, security and mercenary details handled by a Dahhak, Kian Souriani. Currently located on Eclipse assisting the Free Trade Union (FTU) and the local foremen of Canto in repair, hostile removal and topographical surveying.
Current services available:

  • Medical
  • Security
  • Webway Assistance
  • Mechanical tech repair
  • Energy tech repair
  • Hostile flora and fauna removal
  • Goods, tech, armor, weapons market
  • Land surveying
  • Photo and live sample documentation archive

Current members include:

  • Alexzandria Zubadia (Midir)
  • Zoquea Ch'Olan (Yazatas)
  • Dr. Solamnus Tuberosum (Yazatas)
  • Bracken Criano (Human)
  • Ysande Criano (Human)
  • Kian Souriani (Dahhak)
  • Grigori Fi'grim (Human)
  • Alexander Campbell (Human)
  • Roy Tungsten (Human)
  • Zedd Guttenberg (Human)

S.A.I. Declaration

We are Saros Assets Inc.

We are a formidable force.

We will do our best, which is better than the rest.

Report completed and transmission sent 17.11.157

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