Transmission Received Node 0301.445.b3E32-z

message break break ..... private transmission code CLASSIFIED ..... node 103.22.b372-z ..... FAIL!!! ….. message break break ….. node 765.55.c318-z ….. FAIL!!! ….. message break break ….. node 099.99.aa0101-A

*** Begin Transmission***

Ca...ou...ar m..

message break break ..... reroute node 0301.445.b3E32-z

Am I coming through now? Ugh, about damn time. I have been fighting with this relay for the better part of an hour. So how are you doing? It has been a while since last I had a sec to chat with ya. Oh yea... you have family near the Gate... so I guess you are not doing well.

Well I have not been back to Lethe since the attack, but I should be able to get a transmission through to some friends of mine still planetside. If I can not get a response in the next 12 hours, I will ask Duke Huron for some time off to see if I can make it through the blockade. Hell, I can force the gate open if they try to close it on me, and I seriously doubt they would arrest me since it may sour relations with the Imperium. Hopefully Sedu does not punish me for my arrogance.

Communications permitting, I will send you all the information I can discover about your family as soon as I receive it. If I can not get the transmission out, I will just tell you in person at the Vagabond (seeing as I am most definitely taking some comp time to go relax since Huron is working me to death).

P.S. next time you send me a message it better not be depressing.

Master Web Guide Master Engineer Dr. Solamnus Tuberosum MD Journeyman Cryokineticist

***End Transmission***

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