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Well I was one jump from Lethe when I finally heard word back from my contacts. I do not know if this will reach you before you leave Middian and head to the Vagabond, but if it does not, I can just relay the information to you there.
Anyway, my contacts tell me that the virus did not spread outside of about 30 miles away from ground zero (except for a few isolated cases). Being that was the case, they did not inquire about your family members that were farther than 50 miles away from Sedu's Gate.
As for inside this zone, it seems that your family maintains three households. Two of these households suffered no casualties and no infections. The final one is the mansion your family owns near the Gate.
Reports indicate that you had 12 family members that were currently calling this location home, three of which were not on Lethe at the time and one who was away on business.
Of the eight family members remaining: two are confirmed dead, three are suffering from extensive creep infection (your father is on this list), and the last three are being treated for minor infection (of which your mother is on this list). The doctors working on them refused to comment about their status, claiming that they would not want to raise undue alarm since this virus is still very much a mystery.
Well that is what I got, I hope it helps.

May Sedu guide us all.

Doc Tubes

*** End Transmission ***

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