Nidregg Marauder Attack

Circumstance occurred 10.11.157

This report has been complied from several different sources as my personal account is missing due to memory loss.

An audio transmission was received over the general channel from an Imperial security detail warning those near the hospital and the food facility that 15 to 20 hostiles, probably marauders, were heading in our direction.

  • We warned the hospital on the designated emergency medical channel and placed assistance required warnings across all channels.
  • Inside the food facility, tables were placed as barriers near all doors.
  • Armed guards were placed at each door.
  • Several armed personnel were stationed on the front porch.

The hostiles infiltrated the food facility through the back door closest to the hospital. This was the last memory I retained. The next memory I can recall, I was lying on my back on the floor with members of the S.A.I. nearby. I was informed I had died and was brought back to life through a process performed by a Ba'Tül Metabolic Psionic.

Individual accounts:

  • Heard screams of the hostiles outside, "Nidregg take me!", "We have more for the sacrifice.", "We need more for Nidregg."
  • Heard a high shrill alarm of some type. Several hostiles were surrounding a black object with a flashing orb.
  • Hostiles looked mostly human, but several were mutant. Claws and other mutations were visable.

After the hostiles were removed. The black object was retrieved. I personally inspected the object. My observations:

  • Object was emitting radiation in low levels. Seemed higher levels of dangerous proportions was possible when it was fully operational.
  • Round cylindar shaped similar to the ancient stones discovered in Section A. Only approximately 12 inches high, 24 inches across in diameter. Black colored with clear flashing orb (now defunct) on top. Spiral pattern on top with orb in center.
  • Defunct orb was the only piece salvagable. Every wire, mechanical and electronic component inside the contraption was melted beyond recognition.
  • Contraption was left in the food facility with instructions to bury away from any livable areas and bodies of water.

Theories involve:

  • These were traps. The flashing orb, like those in Section A, lure the victim in. The orb had no other function than to be a decoration. Section A created a Chill to kill the victim, this trap killed with massive radiation.
  • These contraptions were created to send sacrifices for Nidregg.
  • Sacrifices do not have to be Human. Any life form will suffice whether animal, Tribe, Human or even Synth.

Report complied and transmission sent 19.11.157


Section A Survey Expedition

Original mission occured 10.11.157

Three missions were requested by the Canto Group.
  • Section A to enter previously unexplored section.
  • Section C to determine location of lost Synth.
  • Elimination to destroy a nest of hostiles blocking Section A.

The Elimination Team and Section C Team returned before sundown to report a body was recovered, extremely damaged. The hostiles were removed and strange eggs with odd markings were discovered. Most eggs were destroyed, but one was taken to the Hospital for further tests along with the body for further analysis. Many theories abound, some Fringers felt it might be from a cult dedicated to a Goddess in the Fringer Pantheon.

Section A set off to the designated coordinates immediately after sundown. A foreman and a Synth were present with the team which consisted of Yazatas, Kshathra and Humans. The team traveled south of the Gate, past the body of water, up an embankment of a partially dried riverbed. Very little light penetrated the thick forest. Immediately a small flashing orb close to the ground captured everyone's attention. Description of area:

  • Spiral patterned driftwood and branches from the center emanating the pulsing orb. Blood (unidentified species) cast over each branch and a turtleshell to the right of the orb filled with blood.
  • Pulsing orb was attached to a solid smooth circular black rock that was buried several feet into the ground. A spiral image was etched into the top of the stone and metallic looking powder rubbed into the markings. Pulsing orb at center of etched spiral. This object radiated energy.
  • A second solid smooth circular black rock was located southwest of the first etched rock and turtleshell. Also buried several feet into the ground, plain rock, no markings, no energy readings. Both rocks seemed identical, as in ancient, style was unidentifiable. The etched rock seemed to have been tampered with, thus changing what the original rock was intended (currently unknown). Biological scans did not indicate either.

Upon closer inspection, a Human touched the flashing orb in which a shrill alarm began. A black wraith like creature (potentially a 'Chill') appeared. Bullets did not affect the hostile, only Psionic attacks. After several attacks, the hostile disappeared. The team began to reinvestigate the area, when the alarm became louder and faster. The hostile reappeared. Once the team was at a distance of 100 feet, the hostile stopped attacking and remained facing us, but never left the general area of the pulsing orb. During discussions of tactics, the hostile began to heal itself (thus theorizing this was the same creature) but never advanced as long as the team remained outside the 100 feet. The team took a different route up through the dense forest to reach the road to the barracks. The foreman declared the area surveyed.


  • The spiral patterns and the blood potentially belong to a Goddess in the Fringer Pantheon, Nidregg.
  • As the lunar cycle on Eclipse is different from the Fringer planets, the Fringers had already celebrated 'Nidregg's night'. But on Eclipse it was a new moon that evening. Another possible reason this was a sacrifice altar for Nidregg.
  • The hostile creature seemed to have been called by the shrill alarm and only after the orb was touched. A guardian of the altar? Or the executioner for the intended sacrifice (whoever touches the orb)?

Through improper data collection and interviewing, one of the other teams also found a spiral shaped pattern made of wood that were sharp crisp edges at each section where the wood crossed to create the spiral. I am unable to confirm this as I am unaware who was on the other teams and from whom I received this information.

Report complied and transmission sent 18.11.157

Aeshma-Imperial Eclipse Prisoner Exchange

Incident occurred 9.11.157 to 10.11.157
Location Eclipse Webway Gate

A call to all Fringers and Tribe members who feel that a neutral territory such as Eclipse should remain neutral for ALL races and incidences was requested. Meet at the Eclipse Gate.
Original intel spoke of Imperial prisoners coming through the Gate to be executed on the Planet Eclipse. Prisoners were determined to be mutant humans.
While waiting for the prisoner contingency to arrive, a pack of large sized wolves attacked. The Gate became active and 4 Aeshma guards with 4 human prisoners entered Eclipse.
An unidentified person broke the bonds of one of the female prisoners. This person, presumably human, ran back through the Gate. As the freed prisoner ran south of the Gate into the woods, she yelled a phase.
Several events occurred:
  • Something black wraith like with claws emerged from the Gate. Guns did not seem to affect the creature. I heard it speak "Boo." into my ear at one point. Very fast.
  • The Gate began to pivot at the base. The Webway was broken and the Gate became inactive.
  • Everyone, Human and Tribe, suffered from a pain attack of some form. To me, it felt as though I had been punched in the center of my chest.
  • Wolves were still attacking.

After the Chill-like creature was dispatched (I am unaware of the details) and the wolves were being destroyed, the Aeshma began to move their human cargo to the Tribe barracks. I followed and attempted to explain to the Humans that one person should speak to only one of the Aeshma, whichever declared itself in charge of the information.

The information gathered was thus:

  • The Aeshma were supposed to rendezvous with the Imerium of Man.
  • Aeshma had mutant human prisoners for the Imperium, Imperium had Aeshma prisoners to trade.
  • The Imperium never showed, possibly due to the confusion and closure of the Gate.
  • The Aeshma refused to deal with anyone other than the designated Imperials.
  • The Aeshma made camp behind the Tribe/Fringer barracks. No one saw any evidence of the group Saturday morning.

Report complied and transmission sent 18.11.157


Canto Eclipse Generator Repair

Repair occurred on Universal date 9.11.157 a.g.w.(Friday, November 9)

A foreman approached S.A.I. for a potential job. His mechanical technician entered a building to repair a generator and had not returned. Odd sounds were emanating from the building and no Canto employees would go in the investigate. S.A.I. provided security to enter and eliminate the threat, medical to assist the fallen employee, mechanical technician to repair the generator.

Upon approach of the building, the generator clearly sounded in distress. When the security detail entered the building, hostile entities immediately attacked, eliminated and within 10 minutes the generator repaired.

  • The hostiles were identified as 'Chills', black wraith like creatures with claws that inflict cold damage and stun.
  • The Canto technician was found and tended to, she made a full recovery. She awoke after the repair was completed and complained of 'being very cold'. The security detail treated her with caution as others who have been attacked by these hostiles had attacked unprovoked. She was escorted back to her barracks.
  • The generator was in disrepair and was on the verge of catastrophic failure. Power output was minimized increasing internal pressure. Stress fractures were evident upon the outer casing. Total failure was imminent. I replaced the missing valve stem to relieve internal pressure among other repairs. A good preventative maintenance routine would have kept this generator from reaching critical mass. This will also provide your equipment with a much longer lifespan. Contact sticker was applied to the top of the unit for future repairs.

Report completed and transmission sent 17.11.157

Saros Assets Inc. (S.A.I.)

Saros Assets Incorporation

A newly formed company based upon freelance contractual agreements. Currently operating as a fully incorporated, legal company of consultants and soldiers-of-fortune. Organized and maintained financially by a Midir, Alexzandria Zubadia and a Human Alexander Campbell, security and mercenary details handled by a Dahhak, Kian Souriani. Currently located on Eclipse assisting the Free Trade Union (FTU) and the local foremen of Canto in repair, hostile removal and topographical surveying.
Current services available:

  • Medical
  • Security
  • Webway Assistance
  • Mechanical tech repair
  • Energy tech repair
  • Hostile flora and fauna removal
  • Goods, tech, armor, weapons market
  • Land surveying
  • Photo and live sample documentation archive

Current members include:

  • Alexzandria Zubadia (Midir)
  • Zoquea Ch'Olan (Yazatas)
  • Dr. Solamnus Tuberosum (Yazatas)
  • Bracken Criano (Human)
  • Ysande Criano (Human)
  • Kian Souriani (Dahhak)
  • Grigori Fi'grim (Human)
  • Alexander Campbell (Human)
  • Roy Tungsten (Human)
  • Zedd Guttenberg (Human)

S.A.I. Declaration

We are Saros Assets Inc.

We are a formidable force.

We will do our best, which is better than the rest.

Report completed and transmission sent 17.11.157

Original FTU Eclipse Expedition

As this was a Free Trade Union (FTU) sponsored expedition, I had to somehow become employed by the FTU to get to this new planet most people are calling Eclipse.

Other names for Eclipse
  • Middian
  • Phantom Planet
  • "The Center"

Anomaly planet that shouldn't exist, neither should it's webway path. Discovered at the center of the known Universe.

Discovered a Midir employed by the FTU in need of an Archeologist, mechanical and energy technician, security and potential buyers for artifacts. I approached her, Alexzandria Zubadia, and formed a freelance contract for my services as a Xenoarcheologist and a technician of mechanical and energy.

Upon passing through the webway gate, a disorientation occurred momentarily. Once the Expedition Team got their bearings, we were immediately attacked. If I was more observant, I would have remembered who or what, but I believe I was more looking for a safe tree to hide in. I was hired for my educational training not for my bravery in combat.

Aggressive Flora and Fauna

  • Simians of all sizes (aka Monkeys)
  • Simians infected with vine growth
  • Armored bears (aka "armadillo bears")
  • Armored bears infected with vine growth
  • Sentient (psionic?) large plant
  • Webway Gate creature

Other items of note

  • Mutiple power crystals (white, blue, pink)
  • Multiple power sources including bioenergy, psionic and radiation

-flower bioenergy, cracked psionic archeotech, radioactive metallic sphere with protective ring

  • Unknown tech component (green)

Bioenergy flowers

As the Team scanned for life forms and power sources, the scans were disrupted by an unknown source. Upon closer inspection, two bunches of flowers in two separate locations were emitting bioenergy that disrupted the scanner. These were removed from the ground and transported back through the gate by myself later that day. Alexzandria took possession of the two plants.

A second power source was detected south of our location (a rock outcropping south of the webway gate) close to a body of water. I did not go with that group of the Team to investigate, this was where the 'Armadillo Bears' were discovered.

Metallic Sphere

Instead my group followed a larger power source north west of our location. At the top of a ridge in a clearing past the bioenergy plants, a metallic object was found resting in the center of a large boulder. A silver colored sphere was resting inside a metal circle base. One of the humans discovered that by touching the sphere, even with gloves, they were affected by radiation poisoning. Eventually with the right equipment, the sphere and ring were placed into a case and brought back to Haven. I did not transport the object. Later the object was examined and it was decided it had three different power sources internally. This was only determined when examining the object externally. A force field prevented any internal examination. The ring contains the radiation.

NOTE Imperium of Man Team Present

Evidently an Imperial expedition team reached Eclipse before our team. Therefore there is a potential archeological taint. Some equipment found could have been dropped or planted by the Imperials. Only item I am sure of was not Imperial technology was the Metallic Sphere. While inspecting the item, two injured Imperial soldiers approached us with guns at the ready forcing our team to their knees and dropping our defensive weapons. We complied and then attacked them demanding to know why they were here and why did they threaten us. The only answers received were their names and rank numbers. Eventually it was discovered that the previous Imperial Team was under fire and went back through the webway gate leaving behind two members. These two showed no interest or claim for most of the artifacts.

Sentient Plant

One human sized plant located east of the gate, down the ridge. It striked with disease attacks. Did not communicate through speech. Responded only to proximity and threat of weapons by calling forth the infected Simians and infected Armadillo Bears. I tried to speak peacefully, with no weapons as one chlorophyll life form to another and it only reacted to me as a threat. It treated Yazatas and human alike. I was able to get close enough to perform a killing blow and discovered after it's death, it was protecting an artifact.

Cracked Psionic Archeotech

Beneath the root of the sentient plant was a cracked, seemingly clear box. Only half of the box remained and was filled with energy crystals.Upon closer inspection I discovered the box was not Human or Tribe manufactured. This was something completely new and thus classified as archeotech. As far as my skills allow, I could determine this partial box was once whole and was meant to contain a power source. Also, another in the Expedition Team could tell it resonated psionic energy. I transported the box and the crystals through the webway gate. These were given to Alexzandria once we returned to Haven.

Webway Gate Creatures

In our attempt to leave, our web guides (Meurlain) sense something dangerous coming through the gate. The creatures were black wraith-like with claws that inflicted pain, injuries and in some cases stuns. Those creatures with no faces were three times stronger than the majority. The Meurlain noted that the creatures came from the gate, the void and not traveled from another Planet like the rest of us.

Report completed and transmission sent 1.9.157